Unicorn Pirates Studio is a mobile game developer and our HQ located in Finland. Our core mission is to bring diversity and passion into the industry with a team consisting of avid gamers. It is time for the change we all want to see!

Our company has a flat structure, meaning that we operate with transparency and no hierarchy. We employ holacracy in our culture as we believe everypirate should have the possibility to have an effect on our day-today business. Our openness and acceptance are the main pillars of our company culture. We use gender neutral terms to refer to our team mates and we know that, to be an awesome pirate, you don’t need to be neurotypical or cis-gendered.

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Working at Unicorn Pirates

We welcome pets at our office, so whether you have a dog or a cat or a bird or a snake they are also welcome at our premises! Children are also welcome and if you have a small child and daycare is not sorted yet, our in-house nanny-pirate, Elizabeth can take care of your child while you work. The junior pirates are more than welcome to visit us too.

We offer flexible working hours and employees are allowed to remote for 2 days per week. We acknowledge that illnesses means more than flu and broken limbs. In case you are feeling sad, depressed, and in general emotionally unwell, we recognize this and want to support you. As a feminist company, we recognize that female bodies are different than male ones. Period pains, pregnancy related illnesses, and similar are perfectly acceptable reasons for sick leaves.

We strive to have an open and transparent office. All non-confidential meetings are open to everybody and we highly encourage learning. We believe that you can never know too much and there are many exciting things to learn and kindred spirits to meet. We also encourage participation in conferences, training events and on online courses. In addition we have a small but diverse office library and employees are welcome to loan books and learn more about the subjects of business, game development and gender studies.

Our Story

We had the dream of taking the path less travelled and sailing the unexplored seas. Back in 2018 we decided to take the leap and establish Unicorn Pirates Studio and become the women making games for women. Our management team is fully female, and the rest of our pirateship is mostly female and nonbinary with white men being in the minority.

80% of the game industry is represented by men, but an increasing amount of women have found the joy of playing games. More than 50% of mobile game players are female, so in short we decided to even out the figures.

Our focus is to make highly entertaining, commercial mobile free-to-play games. Take a look at the Games section to see what we have been working on. Consider signing up for our newsletter to get sneak peeks at our new projects!